My name is Rebecca Tolstedt, I am a horse-girl turned web-designer, and I live in Montana. I grew up on the east coast in upstate New York and went to college at The University of Findlay in Ohio. I graduated with my Bachelor of Sciences in Equine Science and Equine Business Management, with minors in Business Management and Graphic Design. I have always had a passion for combining my love of horses, and my love of creating with technology.

After college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so in a typical post-college-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life-kind-of-way I applied to a ton of wrangler jobs at guest ranch’s out in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. (Because doesn’t that just make sense in your 20’s.) I ended up getting a job with a guest ranch in Seeley Lake, Montana, and it must have been where I was meant to be, because I worked there for the summer and when the season ended, I stayed an extra month. I did finally go back to New York when my time was finished, was there for about two moths, and then packed up my car and drove right back to Montana. And I have been here ever since. 🙂

I now live with my husband, our two dogs, three horses, and so far six chickens. My husband and I just got recently married, in July of this year. We love our little farmhouse life. Our favorite way to spend a weekend is doing chores and projects around the house, getting out for a good run, or cooking up something delicious for dinner. (Also watching football Friday through Sunday during football season. You’ll see us at every home game for MSU… go Bobcats!!) We love spending time with our families and friends, and are lucky enough that both sets of our parents live close by.

I started this business with the hope of helping out small businesses and rural entrepreneurs. Some of my closest friends are small business owners, and have always really inspired me with their creativity and expertise in their craft. My very first website was a close friend that designs jean jackets with Pendleton wool inserts. How cool do those sound? I’ll include some pictures. My second website was my other close friend who runs her own baking business. Let me tell you, she makes some amazing goodies and wedding cakes, that are as beautiful as they are delicious. (She hates fondant, and I love that about her!) I always loved watching their passion fuel their business, and when they needed a website, I loved stepping up to help.

Wild Horse Creative is in its beginnings. I always strive to be transparent in life and in business. I have already learned so much from Wild Horse Creative, and am always excited to learn as much as I can! I am so thankful to my friends and clients that have let me create a unique space on the internet for them. This journey is full of all sorts of inspiration, road blocks, and learning experiences. I will be the first to admit that my very first websites were not my greatest! I learn more everyday, and with every website that I create. I am a big believer in always continuing your education. Whether that be in life, or in business. The business owners that I inspire to be like are the ones that are always perfecting their craft and trying to learn more, for the betterment of their product. I always try to absorb every class, webinar, and blog that I possibly can, in an effort to make the best website I can for my clients.

Stay tuned for the future. This is only the beginning of Wild Horse Creative, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

A little bit about me...

A Horse Girl turned Small Business Web Designer.

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-Vivi's Leather Co.

Becky easily made my visions a reality. She was happy to adapt as my needs have changed with the growth of my small business. Highly recommend.

-Diamond W Shoeworks

I LOVE my website. Im so glad I took it off my list of things to do and asked for help. Becky was easy to work with and kept me up to date with how things were coming along. She also gave me easy to follow tutorials to help me with my side of the set up.

Aura Esthetics & Ink

Beautiful work and so easy to use!! Thank you for your patience with us and always so willing to adjust! So, so happy!!

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