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Whether you know this about me or not, I am a self-taught Web Designer. Previously, I was a full-time horse groom for over ten years. It was time to retire from that and start something for myself where I would have more time, travel less, and be able to provide for my family. That is where Wild Horse Creative came from. And let me tell you, I have spent countless hours taking classes, listening to podcasts, and reading blogs to educate myself and become the best Web Designer that I can be. I am truly passionate about continuing education, and sharing what I know so that others can teach themselves too if they would like. Whether you are learning how to do things for your own small business, or are trying to further a personal blog, I hope that I can help.  

Ok tell me about those Freebies...

There are SO many Website Design platforms out. there. I mean like a TON. How are you supposed to pick just one? Well, I have a lot of thoughts on that topic, but if you have ever wanted to try Showit, but don't want to pay for it just yet, let me help you out. Use my referral link and get your first month free. If you don't like it after that, move on! (But I really think your going to like it)

yes I want to try showit

Showit Referral Link

Have you ever seen those instagram profiles with a linktree? They have a list of specific customizable links to direct customers to sales, their website, their blog, or anywhere else they are trying to promote? Have you ever wanted one? I got you! Here is a FREE design key to your Instagram Quick Links in Showit. 

Instagram Quick Links

Yay give me the design key!

HoneyBook is a business management platform designed for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. It provides tools for managing various aspects of a business, including client communication, project management, invoicing, and payments. I use Honeybook every day in my business, and now you can to! Use my link to get 25% off when you sign up with it! Have any questions about it? Message me and I will tell you all about how much I LOVE it! 


honeybook referral link

Flodesk is used to design and send on-brand marketing emails, sell online with beautiful sales pages, online payments, and instant product delivery—all in one place. Publish opt-in forms to grow your list, and build powerful email automations. (How do you think I'm delivering these referral links and codes??) If you want beautifully designed opt-ins and emails as well, try Flodesk. With my referral link you get 50% off your first year! 


flodesk referral link

Check out the WHC Blog 

Whether your a small business, a blogger, or just someone starting out in their web design journey, check out The Wild Horse Creative Blog for free resources and information all about website design.

-Vivi's Leather Co.

Becky easily made my visions a reality. She was happy to adapt as my needs have changed with the growth of my small business. Highly recommend.

-Diamond W Shoeworks

I LOVE my website. Im so glad I took it off my list of things to do and asked for help. Becky was easy to work with and kept me up to date with how things were coming along. She also gave me easy to follow tutorials to help me with my side of the set up.

Aura Esthetics & Ink

Beautiful work and so easy to use. Thank you for your patience with us and always so willing to adjust. So, so happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create websites?

I create my sites using the platforms Showit & Squarespace. There are so many reasons to use Showit or Squarespace, you can fully customize sites, they are easy to "hand-over" to a client once they are done, they have TONS of tutorials to help guide you, there's no coding necessary, I could go on and on.  It may seem like having a monthly subscription fee is expensive when your adding up costs, but for what you are getting it is totally worth it!! If keeping your website maintained sounds overwhelming to you, ask me about Website Maintenance packages!

what do I need to start my web design project?

Before we start your Web Design project we are going to want to gather a couple of essential items. First, your going to want your business to be registered with it's "official" name and have a logo. (You don't want to register for a domain and have it not be the same as your official business name!) Next your going to want to have your branding assets put together - your images, fonts, and colors so that your website can have a cohesive look. To put the website together, we are going to need copy for your website as well, copy is the words that go on your site. I will provide you a packet with copy prompts to help you think of what you need to say, and what needs to be included on your site.  If that sounds overwhelming, don't worry! I am here to help. Before we jump into your "design weeks" I will make sure you know all the things you need to have gathered. 

will my website work on mobile too?

Of course! Each website I design no matter the plan will always be mobile responsive. 95% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, so whether you design with me or someone else, make sure your website is mobile friendly!!

Ok, I love your style, how do I get started??

Check out the packages that I offer on my "Services". Then get ahold of me ASAP and let's get started!! Or use this link to book now.