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Hi I'm Becky, Your personal small business cheerleader!

I started this business with the hope of helping out small businesses and entrepreneurs in small towns. Some of my closest friends are small business owners, and have always really inspired me with their creativity and expertise in their craft.

My very first website was a close friend that designs jean jackets with Pendleton wool inserts. She came up with the idea and just went for it. Her motivation and belief in herself were un-matched and I loved being part of that fire.

My second website was my other close friend who runs her own baking business. Let me tell you, she makes some amazing goodies and wedding cakes, that are as beautiful as they are delicious. (She hates fondant, and I love that about her!)

I always loved watching their passion fuel their business, and when they needed a website, I loved stepping up to help! Working with them to create something so unique to them and their process was the best part. They opened up a passion for capturing the essense of a small business and creating an online presence to match that. 

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Fully Custom Website Design

The whole kit n' kaboodle

This package is for the small business that’s ready to have it all and hit the ground running. You will receive a fully customized, strategically built website that's ready to convert. You work hard, now let your website work harder. Includes a step-by-step website building process (that’s meant to make your life LESS work, not more), branding strategy planning, design strategy planning, mobile optimization, basic SEO and Copywriting assistance, and domain and launch support.  

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Website Re-Fresh

A new start

This package is perfect for a small business that already has a website, but it’s in need of…. A change. Whether you DIY’d it yourself in the beginning of your business,, or your business has just plain outgrown it, let’s collaborate and build a website that truly reflects the growth of your business. This package includes re-branding your website, with a whole new feel and layout, transferring your website over to Showit if it’s not already there, mobile optimization, basic SEO, and domain and launch support.  

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Template Customization

It's just the beginning

This package was created for the small business that is just starting out. If you need a website but have a budget, this could be a great solution for you! Purchase ANY Showit template from ANY Showit shop and have it customized by yours truly. Get the professional, strategic website design that you crave, without the fully-custom price tag. This package includes customizing your website with all your own branding, images, and copy, mobile optimization, and basic SEO. 

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Website In A Week

The Fast Track

The package was created for the small business owner that’s ready to get things done! We will set you up with what you need to bring to the table, leading up to your “design week”. Once it’s *your* week, we’ll design, design, design, and create a website that’s totally unique to you and your business….. And delivered to you on Friday.

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web design services

Let's make a website together, that has as much                   
    as you do. 


-Vivi's Leather Co.

Becky easily made my visions a reality. She was happy to adapt as my needs have changed with the growth of my small business. Highly recommend.

-Diamond W Shoeworks

I LOVE my website. Im so glad I took it off my list of things to do and asked for help. Becky was easy to work with and kept me up to date with how things were coming along. She also gave me easy to follow tutorials to help me with my side of the set up.

Have you heard of Open Arena?

The Open Arena Template Shop is a Showit Template Shop for Equine Businesses. Showit Templates created for horse boarding facilities, horse massagers, saddle fitters, equestrian apparel brands, tack shops, horse organizations, and horse show managers. All the business owners I know are SO great at their craft. They don't want to spend hours out of their day with a confusing website platform just to come up with a website they don't love. Let my templates be your get you the website you love, without spending hours fighting with the computer. 

Go to open arena template shop

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create websites?

I create my sites using the platform Showit. There are so many reasons to use Showit, you can fully customize sites, they are easy to "hand-over" to a client once they are done, Showit has TONS of tutorials to help guide you, there's no coding necessary, I could go on and on.  It may seem like having a monthly subscription fee is expensive when your adding up costs, but for what you are getting with Showit it is totally worth it!! 

How much is Showit per month? 

There are a couple plans for Showit, so cost will depend on what you need. For a simple site with no blog, $19/month. For a site with a basic blog, $24/month.  The price includes: hosting, the Showit support team (which is available 24/7), and an easy state of the art drag-and-drop website editor that couldn't be easier to use. Basically everything you need to host and maintain your website hassle free. 

will my website work on mobile too?

Of course! Each website I design no matter the plan will always be mobile responsive. 

Ok, I love your style, how do I get started??

Check out the packages that I offer on my "Work With Me Page". Then get ahold of me ASAP and let's get started!!